Ready to answer the question ‘What’s In Your Air’? Whether you want to build the best version of your air quality product or you want to accurately measure your air quickly and easily, we have the right solution for you.


Intelligent Particle Sensors

There are a lot of particulate sensors out there, but you’ve never met one like our IPS family of sensors.

  • Industry’s highest accuracy, in real-time
  • Measure PM10 all the way down to PM0.1
  • Particle counts and size, not just mass
  • Software-defined and programmable

Use this unprecedented accuracy to classify particles and open new markets, applications, and revenue streams. Integrate our sensors into your products and be future-ready.

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Air Quality Monitors

As the world emerges from a pandemic, there’s never been a greater need for accurately measuring your air quality. Our Canaree family of Air Quality Monitors are the fastest way to get a comprehensive picture of your air.

  • Ready to deploy
  • Easy to use
  • Fully integrated with cloud
  • Highly accurate yet affordable

Open up the box, plug it in, and start accurately measuring your air in seconds – that’s the Canāree way. Whether you are ensuring the health of your family in your own home or deploying thousands across an office park, our Canāree products can get you there quickly and accurately.

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Canāree A1, I1, I5, I6 Family – Preliminary Data Sheet

SenseiAQ – Air Quality Software

Measuring air quality, collecting data for detailed analyses, and identifying polluting events should be simple and intuitive. We agree. SenseiAQ is comprehensive software that lets you measure, analyze, probe, and dissect your air quality data with a powerful UI and an easy-to-use dashboard. SenseiAQ is shipped with all our sensors and supports Mac and Windows.

That’s just the beginning. SenseiAQ also provides seamless integration to the cloud enabling access to your data from everywhere and unlocking endless possibilities for data analysis. Use our cloud or yours, effortlessly.

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